Celebrate 50 Years of Artistry at the Fountain Festival of Fine Arts & Crafts!

Get ready to immerse yourself in half a century of artistic brilliance as we proudly announce the 50th Anniversary Poster Contest for the renowned Fountain Festival of Fine Arts & Crafts! 


Unleash Your Creativity

We invite all 2024 Spring Invited Artists to capture the essence of this milestone celebration through your unique perspective. Let your imagination run wild, and express the vibrant spirit, rich history, and timeless beauty that defines the Fountain Festival of Fine Arts & Crafts.



Please carefully read the following terms and conditions before applying.  By participating in the Fountain Festival of Fine Arts & Crafts Commemorative Artwork Poster Contest “you” agree to these terms and conditions: 

  • Artwork should be original and reflect the theme of the 50th anniversary. (think 1974, balloon launch, fountain park and anything else you love about Fountain Hills)

  • Submit your high-resolution digital 11x17 file HERE. 

  • Include a brief artist statement describing the inspiration behind your creation.

  • Artwork must be submitted by January 15th, 2024.


  • All winning artists will receive a digital award badge to be used for your own social media/website.

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be largely displayed at the Festival with an article about the artist and their work.

  • Winning artwork (1st place) will be on the 50th anniversary commemorative poster and merchandise in BOTH the 2024 shows.

  • All accepted entries will receive online publicity during the voting timeframe.


  • Adherence to theme (50th Anniversary, 1974, Hot Air Balloon Launch, what you love about the Fountain Festival)

  • Image Quality Creativity / OriginalitY

  • Community Vote via Facebook (bulk of points!)





These terms constitute as an agreement between “You” and the Fountain Festival of Fine Arts & Crafts. By participating you must agree to the following:

  • Your images may be used for marketing, promotion and display purposes for poster contest website and facebook promotions.

  • If chosen as a winner, you, the Artist, agree to allow the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce to use your winning artwork in promotional materials, merchandise, social media and advertising.