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First Friday!! Friday May 3 2024!!!!

Something Awesome Is Brewing in Fountain Hills!

Your Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce is paving the way for kicking off First Fridays in Fountain Hills.

Mark your calendar for the FIRST FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH and join your community for a combination of festivities and F-U-N!!

First Fridays are THE pportunity to:

  • collaborate with other businesses
  • engage with the community
  • boost your brand visibility

Here's why participating as a host just might be a game-changer for your business:

1. **Maximize Exposure:**First Fridays draw enthusiastic attendees eager to explore local businesses and culture. By hosting an event, you'll attract foot traffic and gain exposure to potential customers who may not have discovered you otherwise.

2. **Build Community Connections:** First Fridays are all about fostering connections within the community. Hosting an event allows you to interact with locals on a personal level, forge meaningful relationships & position your business as an integral part of the 'neighborhood.'

3. **Showcase Your Unique Offerings:** Whether you're a retail store, restaurant, art gallery, or service provider, First Fridays provide the perfect platform to showcase your unique offerings. Create special promotions, exclusive discounts, or interactive experiences to entice attendees and leave a lasting impression.

4. **Tap into the Creative Spirit:** First Fridays celebrate creativity in ALL its forms. Get creative with your event planning. Consider hosting live acoustic music, art exhibitions, product demonstrations or interactive workshops to captivate attendees and make your event memorable...the possibilities are endless.

5. **Boost Sales and Revenue:** Hosting a First Friday event can lead to a significant boost in sales and revenue. Take advantage of the increased foot traffic to promote your products/ services, upsell to attendees & convert those curious visitors into loyal customers.

6. **Generate Buzz and PR Opportunities:** First Fridays attract attention and generate buzz both online and offline. By hosting an event, you may just create an opportunity for press coverage and certainly social media engagements and word-of-mouth referrals, further amplifying your visibility and reach.

7. **Participate in what will likely become a Thriving Community Tradition:** First Fridays have become a beloved tradition across the United States, drawing both locals and visitors to explore and celebrate the cultural richness of their surroundings. By participating as a host, you'll become a direct contributor to the vibrancy of Fountain Hills.

Ready to seize the opportunity and host a First Friday event that will leave a lasting impression?

Let's make First Friday- Friday May 3, 2024- one to remember!

Ready to share about the event you're hosting Friday May 3rd?

Login here to your member portal and add the event to chamberevent calendar. All events will flow into the Visit Fountain HillsCommunity App for the public to see!

More First Friday Details!!! First Friday: May 3!!

Happy Monday Morning!

On Thursday I sent an email explaining many of the details- "The What"- for First Fridays in Fountain Hills.

Now for the Who, When, Where & How!
Who can participate?
Any business and organization in Fountain Hills may participate! You don't need to be a chamber member in order to host a First Friday event. Although, Members get more! As a member you get the ability to promote your event through the Visit Fountain Hills mobile app and on the chamber events calendar by simply logging into your MIC and adding your event details! Plus, don't forget about using the power of a social media tag for your First Friday Event- Tag us @FountainHillsChamberofCommerce on social media! You will certainly want to do all of this to help spread the word about your First Friday event!
Every First Friday -beginning May 3, 2024.
First Friday will take place ALL day in Fountain Hills.
You can choose to run your promotions/ specials during regular business hours or you can decide to extend your business hours or re-open in the evening for special First Friday hours. The beauty of this event is that it's up to you! You can also choose to participate every month or simply participate on select First Fridays of your choosing throughout the year.
  • Throughout all of Fountain Hills!
  • AT YOUR business or organization.
  • Don't have a brick & mortar? Partner with someone who does.
  • Collaborate and come together with your fellow business community. It's a bonus to work together- not only will your customers walk through your door, but so will their customers, creating a win-win.
How will the word get out to the community for First Fridays?
Your Chamber will promote via:
  • The Visit Fountain Hills App- encourage your customers to download & click that First Friday's button!
  • Paid online ads via the Fountain Hills Times Independent
  • Social Media Promotions on Facebook & Instagram
  • Posters at Local Businesses
  • YOU will also want to promote the event- shout it out on YOUR social media repeatedly leading up to the event, send an email or invite to your clients letting them know you want to see them at your business for xyz that day/night. Do a facebook live, before during and/or after the event. Tell your neighbors, friends and family. This is a brand new effort in Fountain Hills and will take all of us as a business community, working together to promote First Fridays and to encourage guests to visit your business and others who may also be hosting a First Friday event that same night.
Have questions? Call me at the chamber or shoot me an email.
I'm incredibly excited about this opportunity . Will it be easy? Probably not. Like anything new, it will take a continuous effort month after month, of showing up consistently to get First Fridays off the ground. Working together, I 100% believe all of our businesses and organizations can bring a fun, sophisticated, energetic, cultured First Friday to our community every month.

May 3rd - First Friday Is Almost Here!

What will your business be doing?
Maybe a One Day Sale?  Staying open late?  Having music and refreshments? 

The choice is yours!  



Call Chamber Reception with any questions @ 480-837-1654