Advertising & Marketing


Fountaincast is our very own podcast and first of it's kind in Fountain Hills.  Learn about local businesses and organizations.   If you would like to be recorded for a Fountaincast please fill out this form.


The FH Chamber Newsletter is a weekly publication that is distributed to all active members as well as those in the community who have subscribed.  Please fill out the form below if you have "newsworthy" information to add in the next newsletter!

Chamber LED Sign

The FH Chamber has a new LED sign and there are opportunities each month for businesses and organizations to advertise.  Please go to our event calendar to learn more information about advertising on the Chamber LED sign.  You will find this information on every 1st of the month or search "ADVERTISEMENT" on the event calendar page.

Web Banner

If you are interested in a Website Banner Ad on the Fountain Hills Chamber website, you ave several choices.  Every member who renews their membership receives one FREE month banner ad; renew membership - this benefit is $100 Savings!.  Some memberships include advertising credits that may be used for banners as well.  You may also purchase a month of web banner advertising for $100/month.  Click the button below to get started.