Jeff grew up on LI, NY and has spent most of his adult life living in NJ.  Jeff’s 30+ years in corporate America was in the Toy Industry, including 20 years with Toys R Us.  After his time at Toys R Us, he worked on the manufacturing side of the Toy Business.

Jeff and his wife Pam have had a vacation home in Arizona for over 25 years, including 20 years here in Fountain Hills.  This is now Jeff’s full-time location and will be Jeff and Pam’s retirement location.

After leaving the Toy Industry, Jeff decided to start his own business and established HomeWatch Neighbor as he recognized the need for reliable, reputable, dependable and trustworthy home watchers in Arizona.  Jeff was professionally trained by the lady he refers to as the ‘guru of home watch’ in Naples, Florida.

Jeff monitors properties with a trained eye.  On the Home Watch visit, the water is turned on and is cycled in the sinks, showers, tubs and toilets, the washing machine and dish washer are run through the rinse cycles, the garbage disposal is run, RO is tested, dryer and HVAC are checked.

On the exterior of the home, the landscaping is check as is the pool/spa and pool equipment.  Any irregularities are reported through his online reporting system.  Each report includes photos showing any of the irregularities found during the visit.  Clients can review the reports from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  Each visit is documented online.  This documentation is key should there ever be an insurance claim.  Some insurance companies may deny claims for homes they view as unoccupied.  They may deem a home unoccupied in as little as 14 days.  Having the home visited on a regular basis, with documentation, will help eliminate this insurance claims being denied.

Jeff has volunteered in a variety of areas here in Arizona.  He has volunteered at LPGA golf tournaments, Jr PGA golf tournaments, the River of Time Museum in Fountain Hills, the Chamber of Commerce in Fountain Hills, and recently for the Rotary Golf Tournament and trash pick-up at the Fair. Jeff is a FH Chamber Ambassador and is the Chairman of one of the Chamber Success Factor groups and is a member of the Four Peaks Rotary.  Jeff sits on the Board of the FH Chamber of Commerce and the Four Peaks Rotary.

For fun, Jeff enjoys Pickleball, Golf and Hiking.