FTS Ameriquartz Launches New Watch Manufacturing Facility in USA

Phoenix February 8, 2019

After more than three years of research and planning, FTS USA Announces the new home for manufacturing watch movements and building finished watches in the USA.

A shared vision of re-igniting the long dormant American watch industry is now becoming a reality as the first steps have been taken to build out a modern wristwatch manufacturing and assembly facility in Fountain Hills Arizona.

FTS will combine the efficiencies of modern mass production with the hands-on expertise and oversight of specialists from the USA and around the world to re-establish an American source for watch movements, components, assembly, testing and service.

Led by the vision and passion of CEO Kunal Naik, a team of industry experts, and with the guidance and support of their Technical Collaboration Partners, Titan Watches (The 5th largest watch maker in the world), FTS is now poised to establish a domestic supply chain for quartz movements, as well as fully finished wristwatches, right here in the United States.

Training facility:

Partnering with the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT), FTS has built a state-of-the-art assembly and production facility in EVIT’s new Fountain Hills “Business Accelerator” location. This partnership will focus on both expanding the economy of Fountain Hills as well as developing educational opportunities in watchmaking by initiating a full training curriculum from basic introduction and technician-level courses, up to advanced service & repair certifications. 

With scores of American based brands developing an enormous variety of new looks and timepiece creations, FTS is ready to bring each individual brand’s vision of time & style to life – right here in America. 

All indicators show a strong and growing preference for products made in America. FTS is ready to fulfill this desire for watches built in the USA, and in concert with our growing list of partner brands will bring the next generation of American watchmaking to life. 

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