Introducing: Success Factor Groups

The Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to introduce “Success Factor” to our members and the community! A rebrand of our well-known “Elite Leads Groups”, Success Factor Group’s main focus is to develop Chamber Community Leaders who optimize their time together to expand their networking and referral capacity and contribute to each others’ success.  

The mission of Success Factor groups is to promote, support, and refer other Success Factor businesses within their group. By doing this, participants will be the most recognized, successful businesses known in the Community!

So how do Success Factor groups work? Each group will have the “Know, like, and trust” factor, and beneficial business relationships will foster through speed networking, one on ones, elevator pitches with topics like “Did you know” industry questions.

We know your time as a business owner and professional is valuable. With only two hours per month, you will get to network, engage, build relationships and learn and have fun! In addition, you will optimize resources available to your business for growth.

Some of the best skills Sucess Factor can assist you with is how to fine-tune your presentation skills. Through these groups, you can learn to effectively deliver a slogan for your business, share an elevator pitch, speak in public for a 15-minute presentation, and confidently speak about your business. And the best part? Your delivery will be in casual conversation without sounding like you are constantly “selling” but be informative and keep people wanting more.

Currently, Success Factor Groups 3 and 4 (the FH Young Community group) have openings for new members. Group 3 is having an exclusive tour of the new HAVENLY property this week. To participate in the tour and group you must be registered, so please email Betsy LaVoie ( to learn more about joining.

We hope our members are as excited for the new launch of Success Factor as we are! We are also excited to see how these groups positively benefit our members!