To Grow and Foster the Young Community of Fountain Hills, and Further FH as a Diverse and Vibrant Town.

  • Active & Adventure

  • Social Connection

  • Community Engagement

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Young Professionals

The FHYC is a group comprised of passionate and fun members of our beautiful community. Our Leadership is fully supported and integrated with the FH Chamber of Commerce.

This is an opportunity to be on the ground floor of creating the future of Fountain Hills, where there's something for everyone, with groups of all ages, connecting and growing together.


Our plan is simple. Build a platform to connect and create more opportunities for everyone to meet and flourish.

We will utilize all opportunities to connect and grow together, while maximizing grass roots efforts to document and share the greatness of Fountain Hills on Social Media, including PR, and by collaborating with and expanding on community events.

When it comes down to it, life is about meaningful interactions and fulfilling experiences. These are the foundations of what The FHYC is all about, and we'd love the opportunity to do it with you!

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So how did this come to be? In 2016 a group sponsored by the Fountain Hills Cultural and Civic Association (FHCCA) named Vision Fountain Hills, was tasked with conducting the largest community survey in Town history. After over a year of volunteer work, study groups, and a live community workshop event; thousands of people were engaged in conversation. In the end, the community stood firm on its desire for Fountain Hills to be a "Vibrant and Diverse Community" (among many other growth initiatives). Much of this work has been publicly posted on VisionFH.org. This group also worked closely with the Strategic Planning Advisory Commission (SPAC), which develops recommendations for the Town's official "plan" every five years. And one of the recommendations made was "a way to connect the younger community" for the purpose of fostering vibrant and dynamic growth.


Ryan’s first Community Project was with the original Vision Fountain Hills committee, in which he helped spearhead the idea for this group. Then after over a year of community efforts it was added by SPAC (the Strategic Planning Advisory Commission for the Town of FH) to the Town’s 5-Year Plan. Ryan then got a call from the Town’s Economic Development Director, they set up a collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce; and the rest is history!

Ryan loves everything active lifestyle and extreme sports. He’s also founded The Human Compass Project, and is the President of Archers Circle Consulting. When he’s not busy with business or family, he’s traveling for fun or philanthropic endeavors, or he’s helping our community grow!

“Fountain Hills is The Most Beautiful Town There is.”